Account Opening and Usage

Retail Application Processing Fee$3.00 
Minimum deposit needed to open Account $0.00
Monthly Fee

$9.95 Standard monthly service fee for accounts that do not receive the qualifying direct deposits for the lower $5 Monthly Fee (see below).


$5.00 Monthly service fee for accounts that receive Direct Deposit(s) totaling at least $500.00 in one (1) calendar month. Upon qualifying, your Monthly Fee will be lowered to $5.00. Subsequent Direct Deposits are not required to keep the lower Monthly Fee.

ATM Cash Withdrawal Fee – Domestic$2.50 For each withdrawal conducted at an ATM in the U.S.
ATM Cash Withdrawal Fee – International$4.95 For each withdrawal conducted at an ATM outside the U.S
Balance Inquiry Fee – ATM Domestic$1.00 For each balance inquiry conducted at an ATM in the U.S.
Balance Inquiry Fee – ATM International$1.00 For each balance inquiry conducted at an ATM outside the U.S.
Overdraft Fee$20.00 Per transaction. 
Maximum Number of Overdraft Fees per Calendar Month5
Overdraft Fee Threshold$10.00 Once an Overdraft transaction is settled, and it creates a negative Actual Balance greater than ten dollars ($10.00), you will have twenty four (24) hours to add sufficient funds to your Account to bring your Account back to a zero or positive Actual Balance to avoid incurring any Overdraft Fee(s).
Please see your Deposit Account Agreement for additional information on avoiding Overdraft Fee(s).

Funds Availability Policy


Transactions are generally processed as follows:

  • Direct Deposits and any other ACH credits are available at the time we receive and process the applicable ACH file or at the time we receive pending deposits that are immediately available for your use.
  • ACH debits are deducted from your Account in the order of lowest to highest dollar amount if multiple ACH debits are present in a single ACH file that we process or if multiple ACH debits are received with an effective date in the future.
  • Debit transactions received during the day are debited as they occur if there is a sufficient Available Balance in your Account to pay them.
  • Fees for services we provide that have not already been debited from your Account are deducted from your Available and Actual Balance.
  • Generally, funds that we receive from you through eligible third-party service providers will be available to you within one (1) hour from the time we receive them from the third-party service provider.

Other Types of Deposits. Timing of funds availability will be disclosed at the time other deposit options are offered to you.

This represents our general policy. For specific details, please see the "Funds Availability Policy" section in the Deposit Account Agreement.

Business DayAny day of the week that is not a Saturday, Sunday, or federal holiday. Non-Business Days are considered part of the following Business Day.
Direct Deposit Fee$0.00
Balance Inquiry Fee – OAC, Mobile App, Email or Text Message$0.00 Standard text message or data rates may apply.
Balance Inquiry Fee – Telephone Customer Service Agent$0.50 Per inquiry conducted through a Customer Service Agent.
Over The Counter Cash Withdrawal Fee at a Financial Institution$2.50 Fee applies per withdrawal and is in addition to any Foreign Transaction Fee (if any) at a bank location. A fee may also be assessed by a financial institution that is not a member financial institution (e.g., Visa or Mastercard).
Over-the-Counter Cash Withdrawal Fee at a Netspend Network LocationFees are determined and assessed by third parties and not the Bank. Fees, limits, and service availability vary by location. Visit your OAC for details. 
Additional Statement Mailing Fee

$5.95 Per statement requested.


$0 To view or print your statement on the OAC.

Replacement Card Fee$3.95 Per replacement requested for lost, stolen, or damaged Cards.
Additional Card Fee$3.95 Per additional Card requested.
Custom Card Fee$4.95 Per custom Card requested.

Card Delivery Fee

7-10 Business Days

3 Business Days

1-2 Business Days



$20.00 In addition to Replacement/Additional/Custom Card Fee. 

$25.00 In addition to Replacement/Additional/Custom Card Fee. 

Account Closure Fee$15.00 Per check for the return of funds at Account closure.
Decline Fee – ACH Debit or Preauthorized Payment Transactions$0.00 Per declined ACH debit or preauthorized payment transaction.
Stop Payment Fee – ACH Debit or Preauthorized Payment Transactions$0.00 Per stop payment requested.
Foreign Transaction Fee3.0% Fee assessed on all purchase transactions and cash withdrawals conducted outside of the U.S. or in a currency other than U.S. dollars, and is based on U.S. dollar amount of the transaction. Fee may be assessed for transactions conducted in U.S. territories. For cash withdrawal transactions, the surcharge is in addition to the ATM Cash Withdrawal Fee - International. 

If you have questions or would like additional information Please visit the OAC or call us at 1-866-753-6355. We will be happy to assist you. In addition, the Deposit Account Agreement governs the terms and conditions of Account(s) with us. Please refer to the Agreement for complete Account details. 

Account-to-Account Transfer Fee –Online$0.00 Per transfer conducted through the OAC.
Account-to-Account Transfer Fee –Customer Service Agent$4.95 Per transfer conducted through a Customer Service Agent.
Funds Transfer FeeVisit your OAC for a full range of transfer options between your Account and another account or third party. Depending on the transfer service you select, a fee may be assessed to your Account or to the transferor. The fee may be determined by a variety of factors set by the service provider, such as speed, amount, or destination. Some of the fees are assessed by third parties or the originating bank, and are not assessed by Bank.