Benefits of Direct Deposit

There are so many benefits to choosing direct deposit for your paycheck or government benefits checks.

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Secure Payments

From your employer's HR department to your check cashing service, your paycheck may pass through many hands before you have your funds. With direct deposit, your funds are transferred directly to your Account.

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No Paycheck Interruptions

Out sick or on vacation on payday? No worries. With direct deposit, you don't have to sign for your check — it's automatically deposited no matter where you are.

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Convenient Budgeting

With qualifying direct deposit, you can set up automatic savings by having a portion of your direct deposit funds directed to your savings account.

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Saves Time and Money

Skip the lines at the bank or at a check cashing location to cash your check. With direct deposit, you can also skip the fees associated with cashing a check.

Why Use Direct Deposit with the Flare Account?

The Flare Account is all about making life a little more effortless. With qualifying direct deposit, you can access all of the Flare Account features. Some features like overdraft, require more than one qualifying direct deposit.


No-fee2 cash withdrawals up to $400 a day at participating ACE locations

Visit a participating ACE Cash Express location and withdraw from your account with no fees.


Get paid up to 2 days faster3 with direct deposit

With direct deposit, you know you'll receive your paycheck or government benefits on time. With direct deposit to your Flare Account, you could get paid up to 2 days faster!3


Optional Savings Account with up to 6.00% Annual Percentage Yield4

Open an optional high yield savings account to boost your savings. With direct deposit, you can even set up a portion of your check to automatically deposit into your savings account and grow with no extra work.


Optional Debit Card Overdraft Service5

You could be covered if you spend more than what's in your account, for a fee.

Have Questions about Direct Deposit?

Grab your Routing Number and Account Number for your Flare Account in the Online Account Center or via text message with Anytime Alerts.6 Provide this information to your employer or benefits provider to enroll in direct deposit. You can use your Routing Number and Account Number to enroll in direct deposit on your tax refunds, too!

If you’re wondering how long direct deposit takes for tax refunds, the answer will vary depending on how you file and if there are any delays in the process. Direct deposit is safer than receiving a paper check in the mail, and you could receive your funds faster.15

When you have direct deposit activity to your Account, you gain access to more of the Flare Account’s powerful features, including no-fee2 cash withdrawals up to $400 a day at participating ACE Cash Express locations. With a direct deposit of $500 or more, you can be eligible to open an optional Savings Account with up to 6.00% APY.4

Once you have given your account information to your payor, it may take up to two payment cycles for direct deposit to start. Please check with your payor to find out the specific timing of your payments. Please ensure your Flare Account is activated and in good standing, and the deposit is in the name of the Accountholder. 

When you choose to direct deposit your paycheck or government benefits, you’ll receive access to many of the Flare Account’s best features! Your qualifying direct deposit activity gives you the ability to get paid up to 2 days faster,12 take advantage of no-fee9 cash withdrawals up to $400 per day at participating ACE locations, open an Optional high yield Savings Account,13 opt-in to Optional Debit Card Overdraft service14 and more.