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Yes! Use your Flare Account debit card the way you would a regular debit card. Pay rent, car payments, cable, internet, phone, and other bills with your new Flare Account debit card. You can set up online bill pay through your service provider.

Start an application online now!1 Once we verify your identity, we’ll send you a card in the mail. You can also visit an ACE Cash Express store to apply in person. 

In most cases, your new card takes 7-10 business days to arrive. Check your mailbox for an envelope from Flare Account. If you don’t receive it within the 7-10-day period, give us a call at 866-753-6355.

Use our Store Locator to find a store near you!

There are many ways to add money to your Flare Account! You can enroll in Direct Deposit for your paycheck or government benefits, add money at an ACE store,2 set up a bank transfer3 from a checking or savings account, or direct deposit your tax refund. 

Great question. The ACE Elite® Visa® Prepaid Debit Card is a convenient option for managing your money. The Flare Account offers even more benefits to fit your lifestyle and your money management needs. Compare the Flare Account with the ACE Elite Visa Prepaid Debit Card.

The security of your Account is important to us. If you ever notice something that doesn’t seem right, please call 1-866-753-6355 as soon as possible so we can look into the issue.

In store, you’ll pay a $3.00 processing fee to open an account.

You can choose from 1 of 7 fun card designs to get started! You can also choose to upgrade your card to an awesome custom or premium design4 for a $4.95 fee. For more details about rates and fees for the Flare Account, see the Rates page.

The standard monthly service fee for the Flare Account is $9.95. If you have qualifying direct deposits totaling at least $500.00 in one calendar month, the monthly fee is lowered to $5.00.5

You can use your Flare Account debit card for all your regular everyday purchases. Pay bills, buy groceries, shop online, pay for gas … the options are endless! You can use your Flare Account debit card wherever Visa® debit cards are accepted.

The Flare Account is a deposit account with extra benefits you’ll really love. Want to know more? Compare the Flare Account with the ACE Elite Visa Prepaid Debit Card.

mobile services

Payback Rewards is activated with your new account!6 Visit your Rewards page when you log in through the Online Account Center or via the Mobile Appto see your offers. Click to activate offers you want, and then use your card at those retailers to redeem your offers. Your rewards will be credited to your Account at the end of the following month.

Every account is associated with a FlashPay ID. You can send money to almost anyone if they also have a FlashPay ID8 from the app.7 When you send money, we notify the recipient that money is waiting for them. You can choose 1 of 3 ways to send money:

1. Online

Visit the Online Account Center to get started. Select the “Move Money” dropdown on the navigation page, then click “Move Money.” Select your recipient from your contacts and enter the amount to send. Click “Continue” and then verify the information. The money will be sent once you verify the information is correct.

2. Mobile App7

In the ACE Flare Mobile App,7 open the navigation tray on the left-hand side. Select the “Move Money” dropdown and then select “Send Money.” Select the recipient from your contacts and enter the amount to send, as well as an optional note. Click “Continue” and then verify the information. The money will be sent once you verify the information is correct.

3. Customer Service

You can also contact Customer Service at 1-866-753-6355. A transfer can be initiated by phone for a $4.95 fee.

For a $2.95 fee, you can withdraw at an ATM, just like a regular bank debit card. If you withdraw at a participating ACE Cash Express location, you can skip the withdrawal fee if you withdraw $400 or less per day in total and if you have qualifying Direct Deposit activity.9

There are no fees associated with sending money online to an existing Flare Accountholder.8 You can also send money to ACE Elite® Visa® Prepaid Debit Card holders using FlashPayID! If you need to contact a customer service agent to have them send money for you, the fee will be $4.95. Check your fee plan for more details.

You can add check funds to your Account using Mobile Check Capture10 on your ACE Flare® app, or visit an ACE Cash Express location to add2 funds. 

Yes! Download the ACE Flare Mobile App7 on the App Store or Google Play.

Every Flare Account has a FlashPay ID. It’s simply a number that you can safely share with other people so that they can send money to you!8

direct deposit

Bring your Routing Number and Account Number to your tax preparer, or if you’re filing your own taxes, add your numbers in the designated sections. When you have your tax refund direct deposited to your Flare Account, you don’t have to wait for a paper check. That means you’ll get your refund faster.11 A tax refund may only be deposited in the name of the accountholder. If we receive a tax refund to your account intended for someone other than you, we will return the refund to the IRS and the IRS will mail a paper check to the individual. At this time, you cannot add another accountholder to your Flare Account.

You can enroll in direct deposit with your Flare Account to get paid up to 2 days faster!12 Find your Routing Number and Account Number in the Online Account Portal.

Need help? Visit an ACE Cash Express location or Contact Us to assist.

Grab your Routing Number and Account Number for your Flare Account in the Online Account Center. You can also text DIRECT to 22622 get your Routing and Account information via Anytime AlertsTM.7 Provide this information to your employer or benefits provider to enroll in direct deposit. You can use your Routing Number and Account Number to enroll in direct deposit on your tax refunds, too!

We’re sorry to hear your direct deposit hasn’t yet gone through. You can contact Customer Service for assistance: 1-866-753-6355.

When you choose to direct deposit your paycheck or government benefits, you’ll receive access to many of the Flare Account’s best features! Your qualifying direct deposit activity gives you the ability to get paid up to 2 days faster,12 take advantage of no-fee9 cash withdrawals up to $400 per day at participating ACE locations, open an Optional high yield Savings Account,13 opt-in to Optional Debit Card Overdraft service14 and more.

When you have direct deposit activity with your paycheck or government benefits, you gain access to more of the Flare Account’s powerful features, including getting paid up to 2 days faster.12 With a direct deposit of $500 or more, you can be eligible to open an optional Savings Account with up to 6.00% APY.13

Once you have given your account information to your payor, it may take up to two payment cycles for direct deposit to start. Please check with your payor to find out the specific timing of your payments. Please ensure your Flare Account is activated and in good standing, and the deposit is in the name of the Accountholder. 

savings account

When you have qualifying monthly Direct Deposit, you may set up an optional Flare Account Savings Account, and you can start earning up to 6.00% Annual Percentage Yield (APY).13 That means that the money you have in your Savings Account can earn money just for being there. Your actual APY will vary based on qualifying factors, including Average Daily Balance.

If you have a Flare Account, you can open an Optional Savings Account13 by making a direct deposit of at least $500 within one calendar month. There’s no minimum balance required to open a Savings Account.13 You’ll earn up to 6.00% Annual Percentage Yield on your Average Daily Balance up to $2,000. Then, for the dollar amount over $2,000, you will earn 0.50% APY.13

You’ll earn up to 6.00% APY on your Average Daily Balance up to $2,000. Then, for the dollar amount over $2,000, you will earn 0.50% APY.13

APY or Annual Percentage Yield is the total amount of interest paid on an Account, based on the interest rate and the frequency of compounding for a 365-day period (366-day period in a leap year), and is expressed as a percentage.

additional features

Yes! For an additional fee of $4.95, you can choose from one of more than a dozen premium card designs.4 You can view custom card4 options through the Online Account Center or via the Mobile App.7

Yes! Our Charity Debit Cards15 give you the chance to support to the cause that matters most to you. Choose a debit card that supports National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF), The Humane Society of the United States, AdoptAClassroom.org, or Homes For Our Troops.

The Flare Account Virtual Card16 offers an additional level of protection when you make online purchases. When you use this feature, a temporary card number will be generated that you can use to make a purchase online. The card number expires in 24 hours. Your purchase goes through as normal, but the card number tied to your Account stays hidden from digital thieves and fraudsters.

Helpful Ways to Manage Your Money

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Enroll in Direct Deposit

Gain access to all your incredible account features when you have qualifying direct deposit.

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Use the ACE Flare Mobile App7

Download the ACE Flare Mobile App7 to manage your money on the go.

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Enroll in Anytime AlertsTM 7

Send and receive text messages about account activity.7

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