How to Support National Breast Cancer Foundation this Mother’s Day

According to research, 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. Too often, breast cancer can go undetected when women don’t have access to lifesaving early detection like mammograms. Fortunately, charities such as National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. (NBCF) have made it their mission to remove the barriers that prevent breast cancer patients from getting the appropriate care they need.

This May, we’re spotlighting the work NBCF is doing to support those affected by breast cancer through early detection and offering support at every step of the breast cancer journey.

As Mother’s Day approaches, we’re partnering with NBCF to honor moms impacted by breast cancer. Is your mom or a mom you love undergoing breast cancer treatment? Enter for a chance to send her a HOPE Kit, an NBCF care package filled with comforting items for the journey.

Who is National Breast Cancer Foundation?

National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) was founded by breast cancer survivor Janelle Hail in 1991. Diagnosed with breast cancer in the 1980s, Hail felt that there was very little information and resources to help her cope with her diagnosis, which led her to start NBCF.

NBCF’s mission is to provide resources, services, and education to women impacted by breast cancer. NBCF has provided hundreds of thousands of free mammograms, breast health services, and patient navigation services to women over the past thirty years.

If you’re interested in learning more about breast cancer, including early detection, diagnosis, and treatments, NBCF provides free educational guides and online resources for anyone to access.

**What is The HOPE Kit? **

One of the ways the NBCF supports those undergoing breast cancer treatment is by sending them HOPE Kits. These kits are care packages filled with comforting items for patients that are undergoing breast cancer treatment. They typically include unscented lotion, lip balm, journals and pens, and more. If you’re able, you can purchase a HOPE Kit on the NBCF website for yourself or sponsor a kit for someone already on the waitlist. You can also host a HOPE Kit packing party or write virtual Encouragement Cards for breast cancer patients.

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How You Can Support National Breast Cancer Foundation

NBCF appreciates all forms of support. Some of the most popular ways you can support them are:

  • Making a donation:NBCF accepts donations of all sizes. You can choose to donate one-time gifts between $25 to $150 or join the giving circle, which is a $13 monthly subscription.
  • Start a fundraiser:individuals can start a fundraiser to support the NBCF’s efforts. In the past, individuals have created employee fundraisers, completed challenges, hosted an event, and used social media to raise money for NBCF.
  • Volunteer:you can volunteer for NBCF by prepping HOPE Kits, packing breast health kits, or writing encouragement cards.
  • Shop NBCF merch:


Honor Moms Affected by Breast Cancer This May

If your mom or a mom you love is undergoing breast cancer treatment, we want to help support her. From May 1 – 31, 2021, we’re accepting submissions from anyone who wants to nominate a mom to receive a HOPE Kit. We will randomly select 95 entries to receive a kit at no charge. Visit this blog post to learn more.

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Another way to contribute to NBCF’s mission is with the ACE Flare® Account by MetaBank® Pink Debit Card. The Flare Account is a bank account that offers convenient features, including the option to set up Direct Deposit for your paycheck, the ability to access the Flare Account with a mobile app,1 and more.

When you choose the Flare Account Pink Debit Card, you’ll receive a beautiful pink card with the iconic breast cancer awareness pink ribbon. When you make purchases with your card, a portion of that money is donated to fund NBCF’s lifesaving work.2 There’s nothing else you need to do to give back, and you won’t be charged anything extra. It’s never been simpler to support the fight against breast cancer.

Ready to get started? Apply for a Flare Account and choose the Pink Debit Card.3

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